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I’m Presenting at SIOP’s Leading Edge Consortium on Big Data Talent Analytics!

2016 May 18
by Richard N. Landers

This year’s Leading Edge Consortium is on Talent Analytics, with a focus on Big Data and data science. If you haven’t heard of the LEC, it’s SIOP’s specialty conference intended to train practicing I/O psychologists on bleeding edge practice and science for solving real, current problems. Each year has a different theme, depending upon precisely what SIOP believes to be at the bleeding edge that year. 2014’s conference was on Succession Strategies, whereas 2015’s was on High Performance Organizations.

LEC Announcement Banner

THis topic is near and dear to both my researcher and practitioner heart. It is officially titled: Talent Analytics: Data Science to Drive People Decisions and Business Impact.  It is being held October 21 and 22, 2016, in the home of Turner Field, Coca-Cola, and a beautiful airport: Atlanta, Georgia.

If you can’t tell from the meeting title, the idea is to share the newest of the new in talent analytics, the stuff that our journals haven’t even been able to publish yet, the stuff that’s being used in the highest performing I/O teams in the country.  There’s quite the all-star cast for me to stand aside, which is great, since a benefit of presenting is that I get to attend the conference!

Presenters (so far):

  • Leslie DeChurch, Georgia Tech
  • Eric Dunleavy, DCI Consulting
  • Alexis Fink, Intel
  • Ed Freeman, University of Virginia
  • Rick Guzzo, Mercer
  • Hailey Herleman, IBM
  • Allen Kamin, GE
  • Eden King, George Mason University
  • Richard Landers, Old Dominion University
  • Nathan Mondragon, HireVue
  • Adam Myer, Johnson & Johnson
  • Fred Oswald, Rice University
  • Dan Putka, HumRRO
  • Sara Roberts, Category One Consulting
  • Evan Sinar, DDI
  • Rich Tonowski, EEOC
  • Paul Tsagaroulis, U.S. General Services Administration
  • Alan Wild, IBM

My particular topic will be the Science of Data Visualization! There’s still time to register, but you’d better get to it quick! Hope to see you there!

I’m Writing a TIP Column! Crash Course in I-O Technology

2016 May 5
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by Richard N. Landers

The explosive growth of new technology is fundamentally changing I/O psychology, and we are not in general well-prepared to respond to it! Technology is not why most I/O psychologists went into I/O psychology!

To help fix this, I’m the writer of a brand new column in The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist called Crash Course in I-O Technology. In each issue, I’ll be “demystifying” a technology that people are encountering in the field and academia, and collecting reactions from I/Os in the field, to get the real story on who really needs this tech and why.

Will it fundamentally change everything we know about I-O, is it just old wine in new bottles, or perhaps somewhere in the middle? Let’s find out!

To that end, I’m asking I-O practitioners, academicians, and students (you!) to provide in the survey linked below some examples of technologies that you have encountered in the field, heard about in practice, or have to deal with on a daily basis – yet if someone asked you to explain precisely what that technology was or how it worked, you don’t really have a great answer.  Perhaps you’re the expert on this topic, but none of the other I-Os you work with are.  Perhaps you needed to hire a random person into your organization’s IT function to run some kind of weird software that no one else understands!  Whatever it is, I want to know the I-O technology you’re dealing with!

The most popular answers in this survey are very likely to be the topics I write about in Crash Course, so think carefully!

If you’re willing to help me out with this (thanks!) please complete this quick 2-question survey:

I’m looking to have answers collected before Friday May 13 (first writing deadline’s coming up!), so please complete it before then!

SIOP 2016: Live Blog Archive

2016 April 29
by Richard N. Landers

The 2016 Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology conference ended about two weeks ago, and I am just now finding a little bit of time to post my live blog archive. Whoops! The SIOP conference this year dumped me directly into finals and two major writing deadlines, so finding time for the blog has been rough lately. However, I do still have some thoughts I want to share, so some reflection posts will be coming in the next week or two.

Below is an archive of my Twitter activity during the conference (much like I did in 2014 and 2015), which includes a variety of both between- and mid-session tweets.  I’ve bolded the tweets that I think captured something particularly meaningful I experienced during the conference and want to think more about, which I may or may not talk about in my reflection posts.

Note that the times are in (I think) Greenwich Mean Time. That’s Twitter’s doing, and I don’t care enough to try to fix it!

TimePre-Conference Tweets
1:35PMNeoAcademic: SIOP 2016: Schedule Planning for a Deluge of Technology ( #iopsych #SIOP #siop16
5:02PM.@WorkPsy Thanks! The #siop16 tech program is big vs. last year, and just huge vs the year before. Maybe an all IO-tech conf by #siop20??
6:06PMRT @surveyguy2: Interested in #HRTech? #SocialMedia? Mobile #Assessment? #Gamification? #MTurk? #DeepLearning?… #…
12:53AMRT @WorkPsy: @rnlanders Just a matter of time before it’s wall-to-wall mobile, analytics and games!
2:02PMRT @EvanSinar: Awesome guide by @rnlanders to the many, many technology sessions at #SIOP16 #iopsych…
2:01AMQuite the mystery to locate the #siop16 registration desk! Hint: it’s not the conference hotel and there are no signs!
3:32AMAn hour at the welcome reception and have been pulled into five conversations just walking through. A sure sign of #siop16!
TimeDay 1 Tweets
1:52PMSo #siop16, what are the chances that the opening plenary will be packed with east coasters who’ve been up since at least 4?
3:32PMOpening plenary #siop16 has begun!
3:34PMStarting with a memorial to James Outtz, and naming him a SIOP President despite his passing. Classy. #siop16
3:36PMAnd straight into an unnecessary video montage? There’s the #siop I remember. #siop16
3:40PMApparently we have a ridiculous number of awards and grants now at #siop16 – looked like 20+?
3:51PMRT @litano17: If you’ll be at #siop2016 #siop16 and would like to be interviewed for a TIP column, contact me or @AndrewCollmus! See you in…
3:58PMSo many talented people being named #siop16 fellows! Several make me wonder why they weren’t named before now!
4:45PMSteve’s discussion of impact is important but why isn’t more interdisciplinary research published in JAP? B/c incentives matter. #siop16
4:50PMMuch of this sounds a lot like “add places for practitioners to publish” which still sounds awful silo-y. Editor role is crucial. #siop16
5:25PMFirst session, on “innovative selection solutions.” If they just talk about online video SJTs, I will be very disappointed. #siop16
5:42PMInvolvement of marketing and legal in script development for live action video in selection; practice adds many layers of complexity #siop16
5:44PMOccurs to me that our literature has near zero to say on how to create scripted videos for use in SJTs, online RJPs, etc #siop16
5:52PMA lot of assumptions about video quality here, e.g., certain test taker audiences care and others don’t. Research opportunities! #siop16
5:54PM@ThePsychGuy oh, do you know of work on video quality and UX predicting job recommendations or intent to accept extended offers?
5:58PMWas that @WorkPsy looking a little nervous about IGNITEing? Couldn’t be!! #siop16
6:00PMInnovative assessments can improve satisfaction, to increase willingness to sit for assessment longer, which increases data #siop16 @WorkPsy
6:01PM@WorkPsy if you have any data you’d like to explore on this point, I’d love to take a look!
6:08PMHope you’re coming to our IGNITE debate on convenience sampling and Mechanical Turk at noon in CC 204A #siop16
6:10PMMore practitioner complexity – adding brand information to innovative assessments is more integrative than just adding headers #siop16
6:10PMPutting surveys earlier in the application process decreases retention in the application process! Yikes! #siop16
6:13PMFor mobile assess, sounds like two distinct challenges: converting existing assessments to mobile and building explicitly for mobile #siop16
6:14PMA mobile assessment is useless unless it is embedded in a fully mobile assessment _process_ #siop16
6:22PM.@UnauthorizdSIOP true, but what doesn’t? #siop16
6:26PMImportant idea – although games can get us useful KSAOs, job relevance is still king to most clients (and possibly to reactions) #siop16
6:27PMShut it all down!!!
6:38PM@N_KNIG whoops, what is it? Left to prep to run session at 12
6:40PM@N_KNIG Oi. Big question!
7:16PMBig group I hear about convenience sampling and Mechanical Turk! #siop16
8:23PMRT @Dr_Sanders_APSU: #SIOP16 session 32 has it all! Nerd jokes, I-O & stats memes, & solid content about sampling. Love it! thanks @rnland…
8:24PMMy first IGNITE session down! No one crashed and burned so I’m going to call it a success! #siop16
8:55PM@shanraniopsych It went great!
9:29PMMiddle escalator in CC is down?! Now I need to walk even further down a hall for magic stairs to lift me up 200 ft? Uggh. #siop16
5:18AMWall to wall meetings all afternoon and evening, and still parties to attend! A day in the #siop16 life
5:22AM.@GenLaliberte I recommend you sleep in, unless I’m presenting, in which case see you bright and early!! #siop16
8:14AMSo clearly I’m just going to save myself a future headache and call a late start tomorrow #siop16
TimeDay 2 Tweets
3:39PMOk, 830 start is not so bad. Hopefully I can sneak into an 800 session in progress! #siop16
8:14PMAbout to head to first full session of the day after a crazy number of in-the-hall impromptu meetings!!#siop16 #siop16problems
8:45PMBig data is packed, 24 standing room only! #siop16
9:04PMAutomated extraction of types of advice and characteristics of advice used about work on #Reddit; neat application of web scraping #siop16
9:10PMConflation of word choice when giving advice with psych traits causing that advice – familiar problem when CS folks work in psych #siop16
9:16PMResearcher used gameplay data from Chinese MMO game Dragon Nest to study antecedents of choices made to self-organize teams #siop16
9:33PMAnother researcher incrementally predicted job performance using automated analysis of text responses #siop16 #bigdata
9:34PMRT @BoArmstrong: Motivation for Twitter: @stevenrogelberg wants to be a tech savvy 80 yr old. #SIOP16
9:47PM#bigdata approaches have been interesting but a lot of measurement holes – not convinced they are measuring what they think they are #siop16
2:14AMBack to being triple booked for the same 30 minute span! Never enough time! Can only tweet while jogging between meetings!! #siop16
8:21AMA sweet and very enthusiastic student picked me out of a crowd, requested a picture with me, and told me how important I am. #siop16 moment
TimeDay 3 Tweets
2:33PMRT @ConOrdaz: Packed Hiring Practices in Silicon Valley session. Hearing from Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook #SIOP16…
2:58PMSo let’s expand #siop17 to 4 days, but make the third day a “rest day” where everyone sleeps in. Who’s with me?? #siop16
3:00PMRT @meganrlowery: Seeing so many tweets about sessions I’d love to be sitting in on #SIOP16 😩 Keep the tweets coming for those of us who c…
7:58PMRT @BoArmstrong: If you want to talk #gamification at #SIOP16 find me at the 3:30pm poster session! Work on game fiction & training outcome…
8:18PMWhen making selection decisions with social media, how does #mulletcandidate fare? Deep questions in this session #siop16
8:21PMI am making a very emphatic point apparently! #siop16
9:16PMDeep learning #bigdata session quite in depth about how to use Python on text data #siop16
9:19PMKinda fun to see in what ways data scientists have basically zero understanding of #iopsych – lots of room for both to improve #siop16
9:25PM“What I haven’t mentioned yet is if you take this approach, adverse impact is off the charts.” Ahh, #bigdata at its finest. #siop16
9:31PM“People are surprisingly smart.” This #bigdata session just keeps getting better. #siop16
9:38PMRT @EvanSinar: A1: On the program committee, we added #Technology as its own area in 2014, and it’s already one of the top 10 topics #SIOPc…
11:23PMRT @BoArmstrong: #gamification #SIOP16 happening now @rnlanders
11:26PMPacked house talking about measuring KSAOs with #videogames during last session of day… High enthusiasm! #siop16
0:20AMRT @MariaSakata: First Google talked about unconscious bias, then respect, then inclusion. #SIOP16 #makeworkbetter #peoplegeek…
0:20AMRT @TIP_Editor: “Publish your failures.” @LaszloBock2718 to academics at #SIOP16 #nullresultsmatter
0:20AMRT @BoArmstrong: Is @google anything like it is in The Internship? “We don’t play Quidditch” @LaszloBock2718 #SIOP16
0:21AMRT @ProfSearle: Call to by google’s Bock for collective action based on our science to make our world a better place – unconscious bias #S…
0:22AMRT @Jan_nee: Lazlo Bock from Google on science-based #HR at #SIOP16
2:11AMRT @AndrewCollmus: @rnlanders good times at #SIOP16
TimePost-Conference Tweets
3:36PM@surveyguy2 @BoArmstrong @AndrewCollmus all the more reason to propose a master tutorial at #siop17!
3:46PM@surveyguy2 @BoArmstrong @AndrewCollmus tricky from scratch (!) but definitely can if they know R first.
4:05PMReminds of some #siop16 #bigdata presentations: “Microsoft’s New AI Mistakenly Identifies Photos, Ignores Hitler”
1:32AMUrgh #siop16, why must you have been 3 time zones away?