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Whether it’s to undergraduates or academics, employees or management, teaching people about the science behind technology in the workplace is my passion! For example, one of my recent invited talks was on the value of 3D virtual environments to a human resources consulting firm in the Washington, DC area. Another was a presentation to the National Security Council on the potential of serious games and computer-based simulation for recruit placement in the US Army.

If you’re looking for a speaker on web-based training, social media, virtual worlds, or the psychological aspects of technology, contact me!  I am also happy to talk with the press about these issues.


Your organization may qualify for FREE consulting!

Most consultants that I’ve seen are hesitant to explain precisely what they do and what value  is added by their services, throwing solutions, leverages, paradigms, synergies, and insert buzzword here at you.  My approach is a little different.  For a list of my academic qualifications, see my professional home page.

What TNTLab and I can do for you:

  • Implement new technologies in your organization in the most efficient and scientifically-supported way possible, including:
    • New training programs on technologies that your employees need to learn
    • Real-time employee performance management systems
    • Online tests for hiring/selection/promotion (often called unproctored internet-based testing [UIT])
    • Support systems for virtual teams and teleworkers
    • Online mentoring systems
    • Web-based assessment centers and techniques
  • Develop and implement technology-based training programs rooted in scientifically backed techniques, including:
    • Web-based training (both content management and the content itself)
    • Gamification
    • Social network sites deployments (both public and private)
    • Virtual worlds (e.g. Second Life, OpenSim)
    • Virtual and augmented reality
  • General research-based HR and OB services, including:
    • Selection/hiring system design with an eye toward compliance with Title VII
    • Performance appraisal/management systems
    • Individual assessment for a variety of purposes

Why you’d want to partner with us:

  • Because we’re an academic research laboratory, we’re not interested in selling you the most expensive product we can find – we want to help you find what will work best in your organization.
  • We’ll always critically evaluate whether our recommendations actually worked.  If they didn’t, we’ve got more work to do.
  • If you have a project where we can answer new interesting questions, we may be able to help you for FREE!
  • You can have a team of expert Ph.D. candidates advised by Dr. Landers working to solve your problem.  No one is more motivated!

In this world of Skype and e-mail, geographic boundaries are not of concern.  Wherever you are in the world, we can help. But if you’re interested in in-person consulting, we are physically located in Norfolk, VA, USA, which puts us in within a short hop of Baltimore, Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham, Richmond, Roanoke, Washington DC, and Winston-Salem.

So, if you’re interested in any of the above, e-mail me with your project details at and I’ll get back to you ASAP.