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I/O Psychology Graduate School Webinar on March 22

2016 March 15

Upcoming webinar this coming Tuesday, March 22, 2016!  In it, I will be moderating a discussion about graduate school in I/O psychology put on by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology! In this webinar, we’ll be discussing a variety of topics, including:

  • How to determine if I/O grad school is right for you
  • The difference between Master’s and Ph.D. programs
  • What is important to put in personal statements when applying to I/O programs
  • What an “ideal applicant” looks like
  • Etiquette in the application process
  • How much the GRE matters to I/O programs

We’ll also be getting a number of different perspectives, which is the big advantage for this sort of event!  In addition to yours truly, we’ll hear from:

  • Dr. Russell Matthews, I/O faculty at Bowling Green State University, from the perspective of Ph.D. program faculty
  • Dr. Kurt Kraiger, I/O faculty at Colorado State University, from the perspective of faculty at the Colorado State online Master’s program
  • Dr. David Caughlin, recent Ph.D. student at Portland State University
  • Maryana Arvan, Ph.D. student at the University of South Florida
  • Michael Schulman, recently successful undergraduate student applying to graduate school

You can access the Webinar on March 22 at 2PM EDT by watching it on YouTube:

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