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SIOP 2015: Live Blog Archive

2015 April 29

The 2015 Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology conference has concluded, and I am honestly still reeling a bit! Below is an archive of my Twitter activity during the conference (much like I did last year), which includes a variety of both between- and mid-session tweets.  I don’t know if this is useful to anyone but me, but I’ll be using this plus the notes I took during the conference to form more complete reactions which I’ll be posting in about a week.  For now, I’ve bolded the tweets that I think captured something particularly meaningful I experienced during the conference and want to think more about.

Monday April 20
14:31:17NeoAcademic: SIOP 2015: Schedule Planning for Big Data, Mobile, and Gamification ( #SIOP #siop15
15:58:57@ericknud Glad to help! There is certainly plenty to choose from this year.
Wednesday April 22
02:19:44Yes, gonna be great!! @BelindaK04 @kevinimpelman @chloelemelle @JohnMuros @SIOPtweets
02:23:35Is @mubrewery where you find MEANing at the bottom of every pint?!? *rimshot* @BelindaK04 @kevinimpelman @chloelemelle @JohnMuros
02:26:32I think #siop2015 tweeters are just outing themselves at first time #siop tweeters – show the newcomers some love, #siop15
Thursday April 23
13:35:47#siop15 starting high energy at the opening plenary!
13:39:34Not sure how I feel about these new opening plenary production values #siop15
13:48:57Congrats to ODU’s own Debra Major on her #siop15 award!!
13:57:32A standing ovation for Frank Schmidt, who doesn’t sound all that retired #siop15
14:04:11Is this narrator the same guy that does museum videos? #siop15
14:14:23I’m liking Hakel’s speed-slide approach #siop15
14:28:19RT: “Nobody likes losing to a former grad student -Steve Kozlowski #SIOP15”
14:48:26Too many old timers set in their ways for a quick Revolucion, but I am curious and hopeful for how far Cortina will get #siop15
15:43:03Hearing about tech and IO – we are often trailing and research moves too slowly #siop15
15:58:39“Just don’t do what the client wants” is a kind of clueless advice given to practitioners that harms academic trustworthiness #siop15
16:17:52Another disconnect between IOs and tech folks – not understanding limitations of SaaS in terms of customization #siop15
16:49:29When someone says anything IO is part science part art, I only agree if art is defined as “science we haven’t done yet” #siop15 #techandIO
17:13:13There is little worse to watch than a low energy, falling over themselves IGNITE #doesntliketrainwrecks #siop15
23:56:04Sort of odd to realize that the opening plenary was the time I’ll be most awake for all of #SIOP15
Friday April 24
05:12:00The midnight #siop15 question as always: would that 8am session be worth it?
14:18:33Had a dream that I accidentally missed an 8am #siop15 session and then accidentally missed an 8am #siop15 session #thematrix
14:30:12Great #siop15 IGNITE overview of assessment games and simulation by @WorkPsy
14:35:12@Kdooley85 @WorkPsy Seems to be a vast untapped behavioral assessment landscape!
14:40:29Call for IOs to be more involved in tech initiatives related to learning by @TRPoeppelman at #siop15 – don’t let tech ignore the human
14:47:20@neilmorelli very excited about mobile potential; tech frameworks are a great idea but I’ve had our journals say “this isn’t psych”! #siop15
17:16:20Big Data COI discrepant definitions of Big Data… Reflecting disagreements at all levels… “dust bowl empiricism” mentioned too #siop15
17:52:05RT: “I-O psychology should devote focus to testing established theories, but top-tier journals only want “interesting” and “new” theories #SIOP15″
18:54:48Time to harness the power of text! #siop15
19:00:39@mayamansour_ Completing your own projects successfully doesn’t mean you can lead others well. Just look at many professors!! #siop15
19:01:33RT: “If you missed out on this 2-for-1 deal today, shoot me a message and I’ll send you the papers! #gamification #SIOP15”
19:05:46Important to get a “feel” for text data; easy to mislead yourself if you rely on summaries…but that means we need better summaries #siop15
19:28:39A #siop15 gift to me: I found out that I’ve been tenured at #ODU!
19:45:13@Aaron_Kraus Thank you!
19:46:25@ericknud Ha! That is a game I could have played much better!!
19:51:08RT: “@rnlanders Congrats! I would have made sure to go to #SIOP15 if I knew one of the pieces of swag was tenure!”
Saturday April 25
00:01:15In some ways, the reverse-escalator pass-by is the ideal #siop15 meeting
13:10:37@AlSchwall Thanks! We have that distinction in stats too – some learn the nuts and bolts, others apply. Both can be useful.
13:11:00@PsychoSoAnt thanks!
13:11:51@nojope Thank you! It has been an interesting ride.
13:13:48Side effect of #siop15 8am sessions: no mad assault on the coffee and pastry tables #stillnotworthit
13:16:50RT: “Coming up next: Game-Thinking in Assessment. Room 309-310 from 9-10 AM. #SIOP15 @rnlanders”
13:40:12Video presenter is defining #gamification quite narrowly… multiple very specific features… Maybe useful but required? #siop15
13:40:58Goal of learning game is not necessarily to teach but to change learning culture… Interesting challenge #siop15
13:42:44@IOSyIslam Been teaching programming to IO grad students for about 5 years now… Ahead of the curve I guess! #siop15
15:48:01Being IGNITEd about research in organizations… Or maybe, about moving beyond it #siop15
17:34:06@StefaniYorges So we did! The small world that is IO, right? Thanks so much!!
17:46:49RT: “So who else is going to miss being able to stop at Reading Terminal Market for lunch? #SIOP15”
17:48:35Still have same problems with social media selection… You can’t unsee gender, religion, etc from a casual profile review #siop15
17:49:24@drb8618 “nerd” is a badge of honor at #siop15, right?
17:50:15@SIOPtweets Thanks!!
17:53:50Someone in a #siop15 audience, in university hiring, recruiting on Facebook led to a drop in applications among Millennials #creepfactor
18:11:53IOs don’t need to be experts in everything, but we ARE experts in selecting experts – and that is a strength to play to re: tech #siop15
19:05:30@nojope I mentioned that at the session actually – I call it sanitization – could be done well, but sanitizing rules aren’t clear yet
19:06:09@nojope e.g. what if a person uses race-signaling language or talking about stereotypical activities?  Probably wouldn’t be screened
19:08:12Lack of assessment mobile optimization seems to affect early dropout rate #siop15
19:09:02AND time to completion on mobile is longer – paradox here? Do people want to save time with mobile but actually do the opposite? #siop15
21:48:04#siop15 closing plenary takeaway: I really should have gone into painting and selling colored circles
Sunday April 26
15:20:55RT: “Apparently I decided to leave my voice in Philly. So long #SIOP15!”
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