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SIOP 2014: Live-Blog

2014 May 24

SIOP 2014 Coverage: Schedule Planning | Live-Blog | Reflections

One of the side effects of a Hawaii conference is a week of relaxation after the conference ends.  Ahhh.  Reflections on the conference will be forthcoming, but for now, I’m archiving my live coverage of the conference from Twitter here.

  • May 11 – Final presentations and posters for #SIOP14 Hawaii all complete… 9 presentations! Not much time to listen to others! #academicproblems
  • May 15 – 21 hours of traveling, 3 planes, and STILL not at #siop14 … Next year, how about we have it where I live?
  • May 15 – 28h of travel from Virginia, incl one extra plane reroute, all bags lost, hotel room wasn’t ready at 11PM… #siop14 not a stellar start!
  • May 15 – @josuepht Thanks! I think I’m skipping the plenary after all this travel madness.
  • May 15 – After sleep crash, up at 7 but feel surprisingly normal. Still no luggage or clothes here, so presenting’s going to be interesting. #siop14
  • May 15 – @TRPoeppelman so what is a #siop prize? Journal subscriptions? 😉 #killingtimeontheSIOPshuttle
  • May 15 – @ericknud As I learned this morning, it was actually in the airport with me yesterday… But no one there knew that!
  • May 15 – @SIOPtweets thanks but a late night run to the hotel store for detergent and some bathroom sink laundry has me set! #commited2siop
  • May 15 – Tammy Allen has a tough intro act to follow! #siop14
  • May 15 – Some reminders that all press is good press from Tammy Allen #siop14 #governmenttherapist
  • May 15 – Nice to see some #bigdata approaches to quantifying our discipline #siop14
  • May 15 – I really appreciate the branding efforts for #siop14, but this video is painful 🙂
  • May 15 – Talking about mobile assessment in Room 310! #siop14
  • May 15 – Learning about new MTurk research and ready to see one of my students present at #siop14 !
  • May 15 – Feels like a lot of MTurk criticisms are common to all online research #siop14
  • May 15 – My day of back-to-back #siop14 presenting finally over… Time for back-to-back social events!
  • May 16 – So if #siop14 starts at 7AM due to the time change, why are evening events going to midnight?? #exhausted
  • May 16 – As predicted, midnight #siop14 events != 7:30am sessions – managing 9 though!
  • May 16 – #SIOP14 come by my symposium w/ @rnlanders Social Media in Selection: Validity, Applicant Reactions, + Legality today 11 am Room 314
  • May 16 – Ready for some master collaborating #siop14
  • May 16 – Automated tech-driven assessment is further blurring line between assessment centers and SJTs #siop14
  • May 16 – About to be wowed by @workpsy at #siop14
  • May 16 – Multimedia SJTs looking quite fancy these days… Better validity, lower adverse impact, but still tech challenges. #siop14
  • May 16 – @workpsy faces challenges turning IO psychologists into scriptwriters for video SJTs – sounds tricky! #siop14
  • May 16 – Nancy Tippins arguing human judgment shouldn’t be removed from assessment of leadership. That may be true…but only for now #siop14
  • May 16 – Pretty nice crowd for social media in selection! #siop14

  • May 16 – Still reeling from an interesting but at times frustrating #gamification roundtable at #siop14
  • May 16 – @iopsychology @IOpsychgossip Mmm, need more data. Please submit your password immediately.
  • May 16 – @Bizarre_HR @iopsychology Glad to have you!
  • May 17 – I always feel on #siop14 day 3 like we’ve only just begun and also like I’m going to collapse in a psychology haze.
  • May 17 – I wonder if @djgeoffe was warned about #siop14 being a tough crowd? 🙂
  • May 17 – Interesting to hear the marketing perspective on what the new logo is intended to convey, emphasis on O instead of I (uhoh) #siop14
  • May 17 – I for one welcome our new Cortina overlord #siop14
  • May 17 – Cortina proposes a reviewer bootcamp to improve reviewer quality… Bold plan, and many will hate it #siop14
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