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SIOP 2014: Schedule Planning for Gamification, Mobile, Tech, and Social Media

2014 May 7

SIOP 2014 Coverage: Schedule Planning | Live-Blog | Reflections

As in 201020112012, and 2013, I’ll be live-blogging the SIOP conference, which begins Thursday, May 15 and runs through Saturday, May 17.  This post contains a list of all the sessions that I interested in attending, which this year are generally focused on gamification, mobile, technology-enhanced assessment, and social media.  Barring any unexpected battery problems, my live blogging will be on Twitter, with a permanent record stored here.  This year’s conference is in beautiful Hawaii (although in not-so-great Honolulu), which means that my live-blogging will be at sort of weird times in comparison to past years, at least if you are in the United States.  Most conference events are 7:30AM to 3:30PM Hawaii time, which means 1:30PM to 9:30PM Eastern time.

In the graphic below, the events that I am part of are colored red.  As usual, my schedule is packed tight, so I won’t be attending everything, but this is everything I’m interested in.  If you’d like to meet up at any of these events, or if you think I missed something that I should definitely attend, please let me know!

SIOP 2014 Schedule

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