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  1. Ramesh Babu
    April 10, 2014

    I rarely use social media at office as of now.

  2. Chitta Benz
    June 9, 2014

    The job cannot stop you from using social media. I use my tablet when I am not working during the day at work. I need to check my email or send one. The job is not going to be able to stop the worker from being on social media. Unless they are sitting in their offices checking Facebook and Twitter all day. Then the bosses would not be productive either. Right?

    • Richard N. Landers
      June 9, 2014

      Many workplaces do categorically block social media on the workplace network (except email, perhaps) – for example, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc, which does prevent people from using it on their office computers and while on the company wifi. That does leave personal cell phones with data plans though – there is less you can do about that, although there are at least a few organizations that forbid personal phone use while at work. Personally, that strikes me as a bit extreme.

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