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Gamification, Social Media, Mobile, and MTurk SIOP 2014 TNTLab Research

2014 January 16

This May, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology is headed to Honolulu!  My Technology iN Training Laboratory (TNTLab) has a ton of technology research to share – 9 distinct events!  If you’re interested in assessment on social media, assessment on mobile devices, gamification for learning, or the use of Mechanical Turk for research, we’ve got a lot for you!

On the mobile assessment front, I’m participating in a fantastic symposium on mobile devices led by Tracy Kantrowitz and TNTLab doctoral student Craig Reddock on mobile talent assessment.  We’ll be presenting the result of a random control trial assigning online participants to complete an assessment either on a mobile device or on a personal computer.

Turning to MTurk, TNTLab doctoral students Katelyn Cavanaugh and Rachel Callen have taken a second look at their Master’s thesis data to compare the performance of learners recruited via MTurk on the same training task, the first examination to our knowledge of MTurk’s appropriateness for training research.  I’ll also be talking a little about MTurk on the Beyond the Subject Pool panel organized by Sandra Fisher and Karin Orvis, alongside a variety of other creative sampling techniques, like Facebook sampling and Internet scraping.

As for the gamification of learning, we’ve got a bunch – Rachel, Katelyn, brand new TNTLab member Bo Armstrong, and former TNTLab member (and now Assistant Professor) Kristina Bauer will be presenting several posters on how gamification affects learning alongside likely pitfalls in this new area.

We’re also tackling social media in a no-holds-barred symposium (there is no better kind) led by Gordon Schmidt and me where we’ve got a great collection of papers exploring how social media can be used in the selection of new employees.

Finally, Katelyn and Kristina will be presenting posters on some more traditional employee training topics based upon their Master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation, respectively.

If you’ve got an interest in the role of technology in selection and training, I hope to see you there!

Talent assessment using mobile devicesSymposiumTheatre 310
Thurs 9:30 AM
Comparison of MTurk Workers and undergraduates in online training studySymposiumRoom 323C
Thurs 11AM
Beyond the subject pool:
Creative sampling methods in I/O research
PanelRoom 306B
Thurs 2PM
Social media, a new predictor class:
Remaining questions for selection
SymposiumRoom 314
Fri 11AM
Social media in selection:
Validity, applicant reactions, and legality
SymposiumRoom 314
Fri 11AM
Incremental validity of social media ratings to predict job performanceSymposiumRoom 314
Fri 11AM
Individual differences and the usage of learner controlPosterBallroom C
Sat 8:30AM
The examination of different predictors of transfer use versus effectivenessPosterBallroom C
Sat 8:30AM
The application of goal-setting theory to gamification
PosterBallroom C
Sat 9:30AM
Gamification in psychology:
A review of theory and potential pitfalls
PosterBallroom C
Sat 9:30AM
Biodata item generation:
Using cloning to generate multiple tests
SymposiumRoom 304B
Sat 12PM
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