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SIOP 2013: Day 1

2013 April 12
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by Richard N. Landers
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SIOP 2013 Coverage: Schedule Planning | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

SIOP 2013 has begun, and Day 1 was a fascinating set of presentations.  The day starting with the opening plenary by SIOP President Doug Reynolds, talking about Big Data and I/O Psychology’s role in it.  For some reason, we are not leading the way, despite our expertise being in synthesizing, analyzing and interpreting massive datasets about behavior and personal characteristics.  Sounds like it would be a happy marriage to me!

The biggest difference I noticed today in comparison to last year was the massive number of presentations on social media and mobile assessment.  Mobile assessment presentations seem to focus on the apparent equivalence of computer-based and mobile-based assessment, but I’ve been seeing some results contradictory to that… so more research is clearly needed.  Social media research is progressing, but I heard “we don’t have data” way more times than I can even count.  If you don’t have data, why are you presenting at SIOP?  This is a data-hungry crowd!  Perhaps the most disappointing was the session on “Empirical Evidence” for social media, but where only one presentation had any real data to speak of.  I was hopeful though.

Day 1 was actually my lightest day, and I had a couple of time slots that were not scheduled.  No worries – just walk 10 feet at SIOP and you’ll run into someone you know.  The disadvantage is that it takes an hour to get from one side of the conference hotel to the other!

I also sat in a presentation where “Millenials” were predicted to be dramatically different from everyone else.  Surprise!  I hate such conclusions – Millenials are a diverse bunch, like every other generation.  And I don’t say that just because I’m a Millenial.

Evening activities went pretty late into the night… but it’s SIOP… so that’s just what happens.  Totally worth it.  Day 2 summary  tomorrow!

Archive of Day 1 Twitter posts follows:

13:38I wonder if this is the first #siop with a 2-minute silence for award winners… #siop13
13:48So many #siop13 awards… where is the award for “best tweet”?
13:56Production values have gone up a bit for #siop13 fellow announcements. The muzak is an… interesting touch.
14:07RT @fanseel: Very proud of my #ugent colleague Filip Lievens being awarded fellowship by Society for Ind&Org Psychology #SIOP13 http …
14:10Who has made the biggest impact on your professional development? Donate to #siop in their honor #siop13
14:21Quite the risqué exposé on SIOP President Doug Reynolds from Tammy Allen #siop13
14:33Will this address on #siop branding effect change differently than the last several years of addresses on branding? #SIOP13
14:38@sioptweets #SIOP13 is the official SIOP hashtag, right? Or did we switch back to #siop2013 this year?
14:39@ChrisWieseIO I prefer #siop = “scientist-practitioners who care about both” #siop13
14:43Doug Reynolds saying we are behind on Big Data… But we’ve been doing a lot of this for years, just didn’t call it “Big Data” #siop13
14:57@jsnread Thought so! Saw folks using #siop2013 instead of #siop13 and wanted to be sure. Last year was #siop12, didn’t think it would change
14:58With the closing of the opening plenary, #SIOP13 has officially begun! First stop coffee and scones?
16:20@neilmorelli Which presentation is this from? We have contradictory results.
16:21At community of interest on virtual work #SIOP13
16:45RT @ftcniek: JAP editor Kozlowski in panel session on causality: “I do not send out cross-sectional self-report studies to reviewers” #s …
18:01Andalocua tapas bar near the conference hotel highly recommended! #siop13
19:45It’s always 3 simultaneous sessions I want to attend or zero #siop13
20:35In state of social media symposium #siop13
20:52#siop13 symposium on social media so far: lots of ideas, not much data, not many specifics
21:01Most common statement about social media in Schmit’s talk: “we don’t have much research” #siop13
21:0543% of orgs ban social network sites on their networks according to SHRM survey; guess no one thought about smartphones #siop13
21:22Most states prohibit using lawful off-work activity to make hiring decisions; probably includes Facebook photos of drinking, smoking #siop13
21:29@ChrisWieseIO Agreed. Perhaps a new Journal of Social Media in Organizations? #siop13
21:44Getting the impression that the speakers in this social media session don’t know what time it is set to end #siop13
21:52Third speaker just started, 2 mins after end of session… Uh oh #siop13
22:01Now at Empirical Evidence for social media, so hopefully more hard evidence in this one! #siop13
22:03Not going to be “a lot of numbers”, uh oh again #siop13
22:04I do support a new hashtag for common use at #siop13 suggested by speaker: #thispresentationisawesome
22:11@fanseel So it seems. He has a theory though. Just didn’t test it in his study. Not sure why.
22:14@fanseel Ha, yes exactly!
22:23Millennial job applicants usually use combination of social media and websites to investigate orgs, but some use social media alone #siop13
22:2821% of youths felt it inappropriate that the military use social media for recruiting #siop13
22:30@DrDavidBallard I know of precisely 2 studies… I’m not sure if she found anything else in her SHRM-funded review! #siop13
22:53Day 1 of sessions wrapped up! Now hours and hours of socializing and networking until passing out and doing it again tomorrow #siop13
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  1. April 13, 2013

    Thanks for the nice summary. I like what you wrote, “If you don’t have data, why are you presenting at SIOP? This is a data-hungry crowd!” Indeed. And to your note about I-Os and SIOP not leading the way, I believe poor branding is the main reason. I know this is currently in the works and I hope SIOP starts to “do” something about it instead of conducting more “surveys” or “studies.” Just my 2 cents. =) Looking forward to your Day 2’s summary. Thanks Richard!

    • April 13, 2013

      Glad you enjoyed it! Branding was a major theme of this conference… talked about really extensively in the opening plenary. The incoming president offered some specifics in the closing plenary, which will be posted Tuesday! And I would argue that “instead” isn’t the right approach – we need more action in addition to more research!

  2. Felipecc permalink
    April 13, 2013

    Sounds like a great opportunity… I have the same impression regarding Social Media, it’s surprisingly non empirical. Probably because of elusive outcome measures.

    Thanks for the reporting! Wish I was there!

    • April 13, 2013

      I don’t think it needs to be non-empirical. Collection of such data is not impossible, just difficult… not many people want to take the time to really think through it. In some contexts, it’s obvious, and we don’t even have data there – for example, in the selection context. “Using social media for hiring” has a fairly clear roadmap, but I think organizations would rather just keep how it’s being used now – managers casually checking LinkedIn or Facebook for example – under the radar. As long as no one pays attention, i.e. no paper trail, no one can get sued, right? I believe this is their hope, in any case.

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