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SIOP 2013: Schedule Planning

2013 April 3
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by Richard N. Landers
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SIOP 2013 Coverage: Schedule Planning | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

As in 2010 and 2011 and 2012, I’ll be live-blogging the SIOP conference, which begins Thursday, April 11 and runs through Saturday, April 13.  This post contains a list of all the sessions that I interested in attending, which are generally focused on technology, training, and assessment.  Barring any unexpected battery problems, my live blogging will be on Twitter, with a permanent record stored here.

In the graphic below, the symposium that I presenting in is colored red.  As you can see, it’s a bit packed, so I won’t be attending all of these, but this is everything I’m interested in.  If you’d like to meet up at any of these events, or if you think I missed something that I should definitely attend, please let me know!

SIOP 2013 Calendar

No.DayStartEndSession TitleRoomSession Type
14/118:3010:00Opening Plenary SessionGrand ASpecial Events
16-164/1111:0012:00Antecedents and Consequences of Voluntary Professional Developmentong STEM MajorsBallroomPoster
754/113:305:00The Science and Practice of Social Media Use in Organizations346 ABMaster Tutorial
76-94/113:304:30Predicting Persistence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math FieldsBallroomPoster
894/115:006:00Back to the Future of Technology-Enhanced I-O Practice335 BCPanel Discussion
914/115:006:00Empirical Evidence for Successfully Using Social Media in Organizations340 ABSymposium
1104/128:3010:00The Promise and Perils of Social Media Data for SelectionGrand ESymposium
1144/128:3010:00Team Leadership in Culturally Diverse, Virtual EnvironmentsGrand JSymposium
127-184/1210:3011:30Creation and Validation of a Technological Adaptation ScaleBallroomPoster
138-324/1211:3012:30Personality Perceptions Based on Social Networking SitesBallroomPoster
1484/1212:001:30Innovations in Online Simulations: Design, Assessment, and Scoring Issues344 ABSymposium
159-224/121:002:00Learner Control: Individual Differences, Control Perceptions, and Control UsageBallroomPoster
188-224/123:304:30Another Look Into the File Drawer Problem in Meta-AnalysisBallroomPoster
2064/125:006:00I-O’s Role in Emerging Training Technologies342Symposium
2254/138:3010:00New Insights Into Personality Test Faking: Consequences and Detection340 ABSymposium
274-274/1312:001:00Using Bogus Items to Detect Faking in Service JobsBallroomPoster
274-14/1312:001:00Examining Ability to Fake and Test-Taker Goals in Personality AssessmentsBallroomPoster
274-134/1312:001:00Applicant Withdrawal for Online Testing: Investigating Personality DifferencesBallroomPoster
2804/1312:001:30Technology Enhanced Assessments, A Measurement OdysseyGrand FSymposium
3054/132:003:00Advances in Technology-Based Innovative Item Types: Practical Considerations for Implementation337 ABSymposium
306-124/132:003:00Is Crowdsourcing Worthwhile? Measurement Equivalence Across Data Collection TechniquesBallroomPoster
306-214/132:003:00Is the Policy Capturing Technique Resistant to Response Distortion?BallroomPoster
3164/134:305:30Closing Plenary SessionGrand ASpecial Events
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