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Psychology Research Laboratories on Facebook

2013 January 16

I believe that one of the major purposes of psychological science is to promote that science to the public – that is, after all, one of the reasons that I write this blog.  But scientists vary in the degree to which they agree to this statement.  One one side, some researchers will argue that the purpose of science is to make meaningful contributions to knowledge alone, i.e. furthering the frontiers of human understanding and nothing else.  To these people, research is for researchers.  On the other side, we have people like those appearing in the list below, who work to actively promote their work on Facebook and elsewhere.

This is certainly not the only purpose of a lab Facebook page.  I also use our lab’s page for community-building: to congratulate graduate students on major accomplishments, to announce new publications and presentations, and to share jokes that academics and graduate students would find funny.  Some labs use it for recruiting undergraduate research participants.

In creating this list, I came to several surprising conclusions:

  1. Psychology lab Facebook pages are relatively uncommon. There are literally thousands of psychology labs, yet I could only locate 28 with Facebook pages (although there were some restrictions to my search – see below).
  2. Psychology lab Facebook pages don’t have a whole lot of likes.  A few hundred at the high end, almost all had less than 30, and most had less than 10.
  3. Psychology lab Facebook pages often aren’t maintained well.  I only saw pages with my purposes (community-building with graduate students, lab announcements, etc.) in two or three pages.  Most post quite infrequently.  Unsurprisingly, the pages with the highest numbers of posts are also those with the most likes.

Now for the list.  I’ve included only pages that have at least 2 likes and 1 post, for which I can clearly identify that it’s a lab, and for which posts are in English.  We’ll start with the best (wink), and the rest will be alphabetical!

Facebook Page NamePILocationArea of Psychology
Technology iN Training Laboratory – TNTLabRichard N. LandersOld Dominion Universityindustrial/organizational
Arcadia University: Social Psychology Lab(unknown)Arcadia Universitysocial
Arkin LabRobert ArkinOhio State Universitysocial
Carter Adolescent Interpersonal Relationships LabRona CarterUniversity of Michigandevelopmental
Cogpsy LabMaria ViggianoUniversity of Florencephysiological
CSUN Sport Psychology LabMark P. OttenCalifornia State University, Northridgesport
Dr. Tom Ford’s Social Psychology LabTom FordWestern Carolina Universitysocial
Early Learning Lab (ELLA)Annette M. E. HendersonUniversity of Aucklanddevelopmental
Environmental Psychology, Interpersonal Attachment and Relationships LabKerry Anne McBainJames Cook Universitysocial
Evolutionary Psychology Lab at Oakland UniversityTodd K. ShackelfordOakland Universityevolutionary
Evolutionary Psychology Lab of SUNY New PaltzGlenn GeherSUNY New Paltzevolutionary
Exercise Psychology LabEdward McAuleyUniversity of Illinoisexercise
Forensic Psychology LabDon DuttonUniversity of British Columbiaforensic
Gender, Sexuality & Critical Psychology Lab RUMaria GurevichRyerson Universitysocial
Lab of Evolutionary Psychology – Research Participation (MQ)(unknown)Macquarie Universityevolutionary
Loyola University Psychology Lab(unknown)Loyola University(unknown)
NEU Psychology Laboratory(unknown)New Era University(unknown)
Psychology of Social Justice Lab (PSJL)Phillip Atiba GoffUniversity of California, Los Angelessocial
SIUC Dr. Yu-Wei Wang’s Psychology LabYu-Wei WangSouthern Illinois University, Carbondalecounseling
Social Attitudes Psychology Research Lab(unknown)St. Mary’s Universitysocial
Social Psychology Lab – University of Innsbruck(research group)University of Innsbrucksocial
Social Psychology Lab (SPLAB)(unknown)University of Kwa-Zulu Natalsocial
Social Stress and Health Psychology Research LabElizabeth BrondoloSt. John’s Universityhealth
TCNJ Organizational Psychology LabJason DahlingThe College of New Jerseyindustrial/organizational
UGA Infant Research LabJanet FrickUniversity of Georgiadevelopmental
UMSL Multicultural Psychology Research LabMatthew J. TaylorUniversity of Missouri, St. Louismulticultural
University of Queensland Evolutionary Approaches to Psychology Lab Group(unknown)University of Queenslandevolutionary
UWM Anxiety Disorders LabHan-Joo LeeUniversity of Wisconsin, Madisonclinical
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