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SIOP 2012: Day 3 Live-Blog

2012 April 28

The third day had a good amount of coverage on technology-driven assessment.  Our social media symposium was in the middle of the day, so there’s a little gap there.  Wrap-up incoming soon!

7:59 AMNeoAcademic: SIOP 2012: Day 3 Live-Blog ( #siop12
8:23 AMOff to an 8:30AM session at #siop12 – really curious what attendance will look like!
8:42 AMAt Assessing video resums at #siop12
8:50 AMExtraction and narcissism predict attitudes toward video resumes, but not behavior #siop12
9:04 AMEthnic minorities perceive video resumes as being more fair #siop12
9:05 AMVideo resumes as being more fair than paper, but disappears when controlling for education (more education = paper more fair) #siop12
9:07 AMWhen applicant accent is strong in vid resumes, low prejudice reviewers rate job suitability much higher, not clear why #siop12
9:12 AMSelf promotion in vid resumes may result in lower evaluation of applicant (less credible, more manipulative and annoying) #siop12
9:18 AMMen negatively view women in vid resumes when they engage in self promotion (violating gender norms)  #siop12
9:33 AMOur #siop12 symposium on social media is coming up at 10:30 in Elizabeth H – come on by!
9:36 AM@K_Anderson_Eval all vid resume presenters seem to indicate they are at the cutting edge, not much if any published work #siop12 #siop
10:38 AMNearly 100 people at our social media symposium in Elizabeth H! #siop12
12:13 PMEnded up with over 125 attendees and a flood of questions! Running to next session on future of IO as an academic discipline #siop12
12:24 PM@budworth several touched on the idea in symposium 229 – I think you might want to contact Annemarie Hiemstra or Marie Waung #siop12
12:31 PMSome concern from panel about losing IO people to business schools, more career opps in business schools so more attractive #siop12
1:36 PMSaw fascinating poster on progress bars on web surveys – short answer: USE THEM; increases focus and enjoyment #siop12
1:47 PMAt presentation on how to create homegrown tech for accomplishing IO objectives – sounds familiar! #siop12
1:53 PMPeople of any level of tech expertise can start learning tech skills useful to IO; Excel is good entry point #siop12
2:16 PMMTurk workers useful for small practitioner jobs – pay $.25 per response for pilot study work #siop12
4:34 PMMet with collaborators and now with several thousand psychologists to listen to talk by Albert Bandura #psychology  #siop12
4:38 PMBandura speaks! #siop12 #psychology
4:49 PMInteresting idea by Bandura: individuals as coauthors of action with environment and behavior #siop12 #psychology
7:35 PMSo ends #siop12 – safe travels everyone!


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  1. Robbie Brusso permalink
    April 28, 2012

    Please share an overview of Bandura presentation. What a cool opportunity!

  2. April 28, 2012

    It was really a broad survey of his research on social learning and self-efficacy, starting all the way back at the roots (Bobo doll). Usually SIOP keynoters try to apply it back to I/O, but he didn’t do that much – it was actually the most research-driven keynote I think I’ve ever heard at SIOP. Although he did tell a surprising number of jokes…

  3. Nicole Neff permalink
    April 30, 2012

    Do you recall the other technical skills useful to learn for I/O? I agree that Excel is a good start! I’m having an intern start next month who I believe wants to go into I/O so I want to give him a good start for his application by working with him this summer!

  4. April 30, 2012

    That presentation was actually about learning “just enough programming” to make I/O processes more efficient. They went through several examples – building an automatic survey designer and a few other things. The recommendation was actually to start with Excel formulas, move to Excel macros, and then to learn Visual Basic to run behind Access.

  5. Robbie Brusso permalink
    April 30, 2012

    Sounds familiar 🙂

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