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SIOP 2012: Day 2 Live-Blog

2012 April 27
by Richard N. Landers
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Today was busy, with our learner control symposium taking up most of the afternoon (hard to tweet while talking!).

5:36 AMAt 5AM, it’s much harder to see why registering for the #siop12 5K was a good idea….  Blegh
7:49 AMDid not beat Paul Sackett’s time (my goal) but still a respectable 31 mins for the #siop12 5K. Not bad for my 1st 5K!
8:38 AMNeoAcademic: SIOP 2012: Day 2 Live-Blog ( #siop12
10:19 AMWhew… Recovered from Fun Run, met with potential collaborators and finally SITTING to hear about virtual org effectiveness #siop12
10:38 AMApparently virtual teams perform better when members are isolated (fewer distractions) #siop12
11:09 AMMedia richness changes how leadership is expressed in virtual teams #siop12
11:34 AMAt Chasing the Tortoise: Zeno’s Paradox in Technology-based Assessment #siop12
11:40 AMTech moves forward as research moves forward to understand it; never ending cycle #siop12
11:46 AMOrg context/purpose is inflexible while specific user experience is flexible; so when implementing new tech, consider context first #siop12
12:08 PMNo practical diffs between mobile and non mobile assessment – unless candidates took it on Nintendo Wii #siop12 (weird)
12:11 PMLess than 1% of applicants used mobile devices to complete assessment in sample of 1 million #siop12
12:17 PMOlder adults more likely to take assessments on mobile devices; younguns prefer computers #siop12
12:20 PMPersonality tests don’t have diff scores, but cog ability scores do – mobile scores lower d=-.5 (non experimental study) #siop12
12:54 PMZickar on cyber vetting and looking up job applicants on Facebook: just don’t do it. #siop12
9:08 PMJust had a great #siop12 dinner with our awesome ODU alums!
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  1. Robbie Brusso permalink
    April 28, 2012

    Congrats on the 5k! The points from 12:11 (concerning mobile assessment attrition rate) and 12:17 (concerning age group preferences for mobile training) are surprising to me.

  2. April 28, 2012

    I thought so too – there aren’t many mobile test-takers yet, but projections have it up to 25% of selection assessees by 2015. The age differences were surprising initially, but I think it has to do with availability – older adults are simply more likely to have a smartphone (more expensive, more likely to have one further into a career). That might change as current teenagers get to the workforce and smartphone plans become more ubiquitous.

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