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SIOP 2012: Day 1 Live-Blog

2012 April 26
by Richard N. Landers
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Day 1 was busy, but still got some tweets out. I’ve noticed that every year, I randomly run into people. Which is great, but it takes so much time from presentations!  Archive of my Twitter activity is below:

7:58 AMOn the way to pick up my badge at #siop12… Then opening plenary!
8:27 AMI wonder if the background music pre-plenary is designed to put everyone back to sleep… #siop12
8:31 AMSo who knows the wifi password? #siop12
8:32 AMAbout 4000ish registered for #siop12… Not a high year, but not bad
8:43 AMI don’t think I ever thought before about the ridiculous number of awards given by #siop – that’s a lot of committees! #siop12
9:18 AMCongrats to all 23 new #siop fellows at #siop12, especially  @OldDominionUniv’s own Debra Major!!
10:11 AMRT @emilyalice21: the thought of seeing bandura @ the conclusion of #siop12 makes me feeel like ill be seeing elvis.
10:27 AMAt Do You Speak Technology? at #siop12
10:51 AMGood to see growing awareness among I/Os about the need for translation between IO and IT people #siop12
11:24 AMGot some interesting advice on how to structure my technology class for IO PhD students to better communicate with IT #siop12
12:07 PMAt presentation on personality driven by many meta-analyses, it’s like a Minnesota explosion #siop12
12:18 PMSeems self efficacy is quite complex, even in its relationships with itself #siop12
12:39 PMWarmth seems to be a compound agreeableness/extraversion personality trait, predicts many customer reactions to service emps #siop12
1:39 PMAt new investigations in applicant reactions to websites research…  Meta up first #siop12
1:59 PMinterviewing advice on website interacts with gender to predict org attractiveness (women want support, men want no support) #siop12
2:04 PMBlogs potentially serve as a recruitment channel by portraying leaders as relationship-oriented #siop12
2:19 PMOrganizational website quality matters much more for lesser known company companies; Fortune 100 can ride their reputations #siop12
2:36 PM@lsinger it’s: Beeco & Raymark, Effectiveness of CEO blogs as a recruiting tool, which is presentation 59 at #siop12
2:45 PMPhew!  Time for a break at #siop12
6:56 PMEnded up chatting with a colleague and missed some sessions! Whoops!!  But that is what #siop12 is all about
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  1. Robbie permalink
    April 26, 2012

    Looking forward to it!

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