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SIOP 2012: Scheduling Planning

2012 April 11

As in 2010 and 2011, I’ll be live-blogging the SIOP conference, which begins Thursday, April 26 and runs through Saturday, April 28.  This post contains a list of all the sessions that I am interested in attending, which are generally focused on technology, training, and assessment.  My live blogging will likely occur on Twitter, with a permanent record stored here.  The biggest enemy in such efforts is battery life!

In the graphic below, symposia that I am chairing and presenting in are colored red (plus the doctoral program chair’s meeting), and poster sessions are marked as “free” (little white bar on the left).  As you can see, it’s a bit packed, so I won’t be attending all of these – and midday Friday is particularly bad – but this is everything I’m interested in.  If you’d like to meet up at any of these events, or if you think I missed something that I should definitely attend, please let me know!

The first list contains symposia and interactive poster sessions.  My sessions are bolded and highlighted in grey.

No.DayStartEndSession TitleRoomSession Type
14/26/20128:30 AM10:00 AMOpening Plenary SessionElizabeth CSpecial Events
84/26/201210:30 AM12:00 PMI-O Bilingualism: Do you Speak Technology?Edward ABPanel Discussion
274/26/201212:00 PM1:30 PMPersonality in I-O: New Meta-Analytic Contributions to Unexamined, Neglected IssuesAnnie ABSymposium/Forum
48-34/26/20121:30 PM2:30 PMInvestigating Conflict Escalation in FTF and Virtual Teamwork Over TimeAmerica’s Cup ABPoster
594/26/20121:30 PM3:00 PMBack Into the Web: New Directions in Applicant Attraction ResearchMadeline CDSymposium/Forum
924/26/20125:00 PM6:00 PMTheme Track: Scholarly Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future of DiscriminationElizabeth HSpecial Events
98-164/26/20126:00 PM7:00 PMUnproctored Cognitive Ability Internet Testing: Does Cheating Pay Off?Elizabeth DPoster
1024/27/20128:00 AM10:00 AMAddressing Unproctored Internet Testing Claims and Fears: Founded or Unfounded?Elizabeth CSymposium/Forum
1344/27/201210:30 AM12:00 PMVirtual Organizational EffectivenessGregory ABSymposium/Forum
138-44/27/201211:30 AM12:30 PMEmoticons at Work: Does Gender Affect Their Acceptability?America’s Cup ABPoster
138-34/27/201211:30 AM12:30 PMApplicants’ and Recruiters’ Perceptions of Social-Networking Web Sites in SelectionAmerica’s Cup ABPoster
1404/27/201211:30 AM1:30 PMChasing the Tortoise: Zeno’s Paradox in Technology-Based AssessmentElizabeth CSymposium/Forum
1434/27/201212:00 PM1:30 PMVirtual Teams: Exploring New Directions in Research and PracticeBetsy BCSymposium/Forum
1534/27/201212:00 PM2:00 PMCurrent Research in Advanced Assessment TechnologiesFord ABSymposium/Forum
158-44/27/201212:30 PM1:30 PMFor Your Eyes Only? Reactions to Internet-Based Multimedia SJTsAmerica’s Cup ABPoster
1704/27/20121:30 PM3:00 PMComputerized Adaptive Testing: A Primer on Benefits, Design, and ImplementationElizabeth CMaster Tutorial
181-34/27/20123:30 PM4:30 PMReactions to Using Social Networking Web Sites in Preemployment ScreeningAmerica’s Cup ABPoster
1994/27/20123:30 PM5:00 PMBuilding a Science of Learner Control in Training: Current PerspectivesMadeline CDSymposium/Forum
2034/27/20124:30 PM6:00 PMVariations in Unproctored Internet Testing: The Good, Bad, and IdealEdward ABPanel Discussion
2294/28/20128:30 AM10:00 AMAssessing Video Resumés: Valuable and/or Vulnerable to Biased Decision Making?Elizabeth CSymposium/Forum
2494/28/201210:30 AM12:00 PMThe Impact of Social Media on WorkElizabeth HSymposium/Forum
2944/28/20121:30 PM3:00 PMApplied Technology: The I-O Psychologist as CustomerFord ABSymposium/Forum
3164/28/20124:30 PM5:30 PMClosing Plenary SessionElizabeth CSpecial Events

This second list contains posters that I will drop by if I have time.

No.DayStartEndSession Title
23-214/26/201211:30 AM12:30 PMTrust Development in Computer-Mediated Teams
72-14/26/20123:30 PM4:30 PMWork Environment Factors and Cyberloafing: A Follow-Up to Askew
87-84/26/20124:30 PM5:30 PMCommunication in Virtual Teams: The Role of Emotional Intelligence
87-134/26/20124:30 PM5:30 PMPersonality Predicts Acceptance of Electronic Performance Monitoring at Work
123-34/27/201210:30 AM11:30 AMToward a Theory of Technology Embeddedness
160-24/27/20121:00 PM2:00 PMPerceptions of Internet Threats: Behavioral Intent to Click Again
176-244/27/20122:00 PM3:00 PMCommitment and Regulation in Web-Based Instruction
234-294/28/20129:00 AM10:00 AMSocial Mediaâ€&™s Influence on Social Support, Efficacy, and Life Satisfaction
258-124/28/201211:30 AM12:30 PMThe Effectiveness of Three Techniques for Detecting Faking
278-324/28/201212:30 PM1:30 PMEffects of Survey Progress Bars on Data Quality and Enjoyment
284-14/28/20121:30 PM2:30 PMA Validation Study of Tablet Use in a Medical Setting
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