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AOM 2011: Scholarly Program Day 2

2011 August 22

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Tuesday was the second day of the scholarly program at the Academy of Management 2011 conference, and it’s full of videos!

I spent the morning listening to Charles O’Reilly III’s talk commemorating his receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Organizational Behavior division of AOM.  It was a fascinating talk about the past, current, and future of organizational behavior, giving a real sense of perspective on how much things have changed and how much they still have to change.  Rather than waxing philosophical, I’m embedding it below so that you can watch it yourself.

In the afternoon, I participated in a panel discussion with Gordon Schmidt, Julia Teahen, and Barton Halpern on the future of management and social media. We discussed the current and future role of social media in the practice of management, from the perspectives of external, customer-centric social media as well as internal, employee-centric social media. Internal social media strategy is my expertise, so that is where I had the most to contribute. You can see our panel embedded below.

That’s it for AOM 2011! I hope you enjoyed my coverage. Final tweets appear below:

rnlanders8/16/20119:15 AMThe final day of #aom2011 begins… headed to the OB Lifetime Achievement Award winner’s presentation. These are always great!
rnlanders8/16/20119:28 AMSome of us still try RT @PatrickStrother Academia is set up to reward everything but talking to a broad public #highered
AOMConnect8/16/20119:28 AMBlog: New blog post to the #AOM2011 blog website with thanks to @rnlanders
PatrickStrother8/16/20119:34 AM@rnlanders We’re trying too. Social networks, blogs and so on should really allow effective communication of research.
rnlanders8/16/201111:27 AM@PatrickStrother Alas, effective doesn’t mean anyone reads it – sometimes I worry that volume is more influential than conviction.
rnlanders8/16/201111:28 AMJust returned from fascinating talk on future of org behavior from lifetime achievement winner Charles O’Reilly III #aom2011
rnlanders8/16/201111:29 AMWould have tweeted during session, but was recording! Will put video up on ASAP as part of my official duties #aom2011
AOMConnect8/16/201111:42 AMLooking forward to it! RT @rnlanders: Will put video up on ASAP as part of my official duties #aom2011
rnlanders8/16/20112:27 PMAt discussion of faculty friending students on #facebook and student reactions + motivations #AOM2011
rnlanders8/16/20112:36 PMSome qualitative evidence that students feel pressured to accept faculty friend requests #AOM2011
rnlanders8/16/20112:41 PMMost students say they need to know a person to friend them, but 85% of students in this study friended the faculty anyway #AOM2011
iopsychology8/16/20112:58 PMCome on by our #AOM2011 panel today 3:00 pm: The Future of Management & Social Media San Antonio C Center Rm 206A #HR My panel w/ @rnlanders
AOMConnect8/16/20112:59 PM@rnlanders Oh, I wanted to join that session. But duty calls! Will be interesting to hear about it. Thanks!
rnlanders8/16/20113:18 PMRT @iopsychology: Come on by our #AOM2011 panel today 3:00 pm: The Future of Management & Social Media San Antonio C Center Rm 206A #HR My panel w/ @rnlanders
entrep_thinking8/16/20113:47 PMI gave @rnlanders +K about teaching on @klout
rnlanders8/16/20115:15 PMI feel vaguely guilty tweeting from a panel in which I am speaking #aom2011
rnlanders8/16/201111:11 PMLifetime Achievement Award winner Charles O’Reilly III giving speech on past and future of OB #AOM2011
Smotsmot8/17/20119:04 AMRT @entrep_thinking: I gave @rnlanders +K about teaching on @klout
billsoPhD8/18/201111:41 PM@rnlanders I am looking forward to that video!
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