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AOM 2011: Scholarly Program Day 1

2011 August 15
by Richard N. Landers
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Today was the first day of the scholarly program at the Academy of Management 2011 conference, and it was a long one.

I started the day by facilitating a fascinating discussion in Why Minds Matter: Learning, Knowledge and Development in Organizations.  Papers were quite diverse with a few threads in common.  One of my favorites was a piece on “The Games Managers Play,” an exploration of the concept of play in developmental activities.  Play is an integral part of child development, and the skills gained in play have many parallels to the skills needed by successful managers.  There was even a suggestion in the paper that by teaching children not to play too early (e.g. a well-meaning teaching encouraging “serious” behavior in 1st grade), their ability to lead later in life might be inhibited.  I look forward to the paper in Academy of Management Learning and Education.

After a brief meeting with my editor at SAGE and lunch with my collaborator, @iopsychology, I attended a caucus entitled, Use of Digital Social Networks by Companies: What is Different in Latin America from Asia?  I was a little concerned that the caucus would be completely focused on Latin America and Asia (only because I don’t know anything about social media in those areas!), but fortunately it turned into a general discussion of cross-cultural differences in social media strategy across cultures.  Fascinating stuff!

After passing out in my hotel room for an hour (4 hours of sleep is apparently a bad idea), I went to the OB Division Social Hour where, as Technology Czar for the OB Division, I managed the presentation and took photos of award winners, which will eventually make their way onto the OB division website.

So here’s my Twitter stream for today!  If you missed it, I’ll be live again tomorrow!

rnlanders12:11 AMNeoAcademic: AOM 2011: PDW Reactions ( #aom #aom2011 #iopsych
AOMConnect9:34 AMBlog: 3 new entries to the #AOM2011 blog at with thanks to @prof_ahmed @profkjmoore @rnlanders
rnlanders9:34 AMAn 8am session down, and now in a ridiculously long coffee line… it must be #AOM2011
rnlanders9:36 AM@AOMConnect btw, The Archivist works great
AOMConnect9:38 AMCool. Thanks. I have it set up, but keeping my own old school record too. RT @rnlanders: @AOMConnect btw, The Archivist works great
rnlanders9:44 AM16 minutes to get through the coffee line in the Grand Hyatt #AOM2011
rnlanders9:48 AMActually 16 minutes to get a bowl of oatmeal. Coffee just sounds less depressing. #AOM2011
rnlanders9:51 AMoff to meet my editor at SAGE… #AOM2011
rnlanders11:13 AMRT @AOMConnect: Just realized we passed our 1,000 tweet mark! And quickly approaching 1,000 tweeps too! So happy to hit this milestone during #AOM2011
rnlanders1:20 PMMe too! @iopsychology: At Use of Digital Networks by Companies: What is Different in Latin America from Asia? #AOM2011
iopsychology6:45 PMGood job @rnlanders for your vital work on the OB division symbol! #AOM2011
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