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SIOP 2011: Day 2/3 Live Blog

2011 April 15
by Richard N. Landers
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SIOP 2011 Coverage: Schedule Planning | Junior Faculty Consortium
Day 1 Live Blog | Day 1 Summary | Day 2/3 Live Blog | Day 2/3 Summary

This is a capture of my (@rnlanders) Twitter feed on the second and third days of the conference. Day 2 summary will be combined with the Day 3 summary, since each day was a little light on tech.

Day 2 Twitter Feed

9:35AM Day 2 at #SIOP11 begins with a training poster session

11:12AM how I-O is making a difference – work on national intelligence related to cybersecurity #SIOP11

11:16AM – IOs role in India

Nevermind… IOs role in American Indian affairs (part of the dept of interior). Didn’t connect “Indian” to native Americans

RT Sick of hearing about “important” moderators that have an r-squared change of .01. #SIOP #SIOP11

@ErikaWendt @workpsy is there a tweetup today?

US Navy has a Cyberspace Ops unit which includes online recruiting… neat

The #navy uses live chat, Facebook, email for online recruitment… 700-800 chats + 100 emails per day with low Sundays

145k chats per year Navy, 252k chats Air Force, 202k chats Army… Amazing volume

MyNavySpace as corporate social network; members using it tend to be retained – 26% of recruits don’t show up for basic, 6% MNS users dont

Now another piece on applicant reactions to websites. H1 is that nav bar at top of site is best. A bit atheoretical, eh?

@lukasneville Too much of a good thing!

@lukasneville and I do think we can do better than “top is best, left is okay”

Day 3 Twitter Feed

At serious games panel at #SIOP11

@WorkPsy talking about being careful to distinguish serious games and gameification #siop11

computer based simulations as a logical approach to learning and assessment for computer-centric jobs #siop11

@WorkPsy on using peer assessment within a game context to get creativity/innovation scores from games #siop11

serious game assessment is limited by current artificial intelligence tech available – human assessors still needed #siop11

games as a way to assess “real behaviors” b/c employees forget they are being assessed…not sure stealth assessment is so desirable #siop11

@mrand308 it is bad from a measurement perspective too…even if you are getting more information on some folks, you don’t know about others

Is there evidence of transfer from 3D immersive games? Short answer: no, not really. But we’re getting there. #SIOP11

gender, age differences in responses to video vs avatar based SJT… uhoh #siop11

getting a smidge heated in discussion of value of serious games… Several challengers in the audience #siop11

@LenaOgan we actually do know a little, but most of the research is on children

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