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SIOP 2011: Day 1 Live Blog

2011 April 14
by Richard N. Landers
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SIOP 2011 Coverage: Schedule Planning | Junior Faculty Consortium
Day 1 Live Blog | Day 1 Summary | Day 2/3 Live Blog | Day 2/3 Summary

This is a permanent record of tweets by rnlanders on Day 1 (Thursday) of SIOP. Summary later tonight.

#SIOP11 Day 1 begins!

10:29AM – I always intend to go to the opening plenary… But 8:30 is just so early!

At invited talk by @dcctips on the social media revolution at #SIOP11

I am revolutioning #siop11 #siop11rev

Talking about #wikinomics as a model of mass collaboration and networking

10:47AM – Interesting selection of case studies showcasing ambiguity surrounding social media policy

Got a mention in the social media revolution #SIOP11 #siop11rev

11:04AM – BlogNog platform sounds promising for gathering data

Tech savvy orgs started down the #socialmedia path, but its reach is now much longer #SIOP11 #siop11rev

Heading to get ready for our #siop11 #secondlife and MUVEs symposium

Virtual world / #secondlife session went great! Now to grab lunch? #siop11

Post lunch panel on social media in the workplace #SIOP11

@BreannePH terrible misinformation – direct them toward my January JAP

starting with the standard “everyone is on social media!” preaching to the choir? #siop11

ohhh io psychologists.. how i have missed you and your scientific rigor and structured methodologies…#SIOP #iopsychology

3:54PM – Still hypothetical benefits… “everyone says” doesn’t convince me… Need research!

Still waiting for some #psychology in these #socialmedia presentations… Lots of market research #SIOP11

4:06PM – Can’t help but wonder about results from a presentation on social media from a social media company #siop11 conflict of interests?

I am being buried under a flood of self report data

4:31PM – Using #socialmedia to improve inclusion, retention, sense of community for aboriginal (minority) Canadians… Much better #SIOP11

@BreannePH there are several with a financial interest saying no one cheats in UIT, ever, so stop studying it- a frustrating #siop sometimes

Fascinating case study by RBC, curious about all of their data #SIOP11

5:13PM – A little late to Preparing for the Virtual Workplace, but I made it

@ErikaWendt I think we are in the same room – I am in back right toward the door, in all black

“virtual employees need to toot their own horns more” – I remind my online students that I really am working on the class #SIOP11

Day 1 #SIOP11 complete! Now for nightlife

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