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SIOP 2011: Junior Faculty Consortium

2011 April 13
by Richard N. Landers
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SIOP 2011 Coverage: Schedule Planning | Junior Faculty Consortium
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This post is a live-blog of Wednesday, April 13, during which time I attended the SIOP Junior Faculty Consortium. This blog is sourced from Twitter.

11:35AM – At the junior faculty consortium at #SIOP11

11:55AM – Suzanne Bell talking about “time burglars” – don’t wait on others, budget your own time, schedule research days

12:45AM – Always have list of different projects ad types of projects – insurance against unexpected failure

12:50AM – Excessive documentation for #tenure – keep folders for each year separated by service, research, teaching

1:02PM – James LeBreton: get an academic best buddy to share experiences, review each others papers, etc

1:07PM – Don’t be too good an organizational citizen – there’s only so much time in the day

1:15PM – There’s plenty of time after tenure to do it all – don’t rush into advising, volunteering, reviewing, service

1:23PM – Paper discussed in the Chronicle on the “anti-vita” – our history of missed jobs, unsupported grants, rejected pubs – what a great idea

1:26PM – #SIOP teacher’s bureau is a list if IO psychologists volunteering to give local talks on what IO is for free

2:20PM – Post lunch, ready for words of wisdom

2:23PM – Neal Schmitt – be willing to move

2:30PM – Schmitt: be strategic without being Machiavellian

2:35PM – Paul Sackett: use software Publish or Perish and interpret yourself

2:45PM – Sackett: we all have horror stories (referring to data collection)

2:50PM – Sackett: one such story involves chasing a garbage truck in a police car!

3:05PM – Pat Sackett (via Paul): save some fun for tomorrow

3:10PM – Campion: don’t study what interests you, because you don’t know what interests you

3:14PM – Sackett and Campion: an academic career is a marathon, not a sprint

3:16PM – Campion: methods not content drive publication; study what you can study well

3:17PM – Campion: reviewers – wear them down!

3:30PM – In their entire careers, Sackett and Schmitt have had 1 paper accepted on the first try, Campion has never had one #SIOP11

3:45PM – Sackett: my job as editor was often to decide which rejected paper to publish

4:07PM – Dan Sachau on building student culture

4:10PM – Sachau: assigning a grad student to be consigliere (Godfather reference!)

4:13PM – Sachau: Fall student miniconference with alumni on pontoon boats – awesome

4:27PM – Still getting lots of good advice on being #faculty at #SIOP11 Jr. Faculty Consortium

5:12PM – Barnes-Ferrell: find service opportunities that you love… Avoid all others

5:34PM – Rogelberg: help your department give you good service

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  1. April 14, 2011

    Thanks for sharing these useful tips from some of the big names in I/O.

  2. April 15, 2011

    Sackett was my graduate school advisor, and I feel a little guilty about extracting sound bites from him. 140 characters does not really do any of them justice, but hopefully you get the gist!

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