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SIOP 2011: Schedule Planning

2011 April 5

SIOP 2011 Coverage: Schedule Planning | Junior Faculty Consortium
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Like last year, I’ll be live-blogging from the SIOP conference, which begins next Thursday. This post contains my hypothetical schedule. Of course, the events that you want to see are not always the events you end up seeing, so this is not necessarily definite.

In comparison to last year, I noticed that coverage of “technology at work” is reduced. Whether that’s because fewer people send in technology-related submissions or because the program committee was biased against such submissions (I’m not bitter!!) is unclear.

Personally, I’m on three pieces at SIOP this year, which are highlighted in the chart below.  I encourage you to attend Empirical Evidence for Emerging Technology: MUVEs/Virtual Worlds in HR, a symposium I put together with Dr. Tara Behrend at George Washington University.  We’ve got a fascinating line-up, including discussion on recruiting, training, and performance appraisal applications of virtual worlds (like Second Life).

DayStartEndSession TitleRoomSession Type
Thu8:309:50Opening PlenaryInternational BallroomOfficial
Thu10:3011:20Collaborative, Virtual, and Open: How the Social Media Revolution Is Changing the WorkplaceMarquette, 3rd FloorInvited Speaker
Thu12:001:20Empirical Evidence for Emerging Technology: MUVEs/Virtual Worlds in HRContinental BSymposium
Thu3:304:20Applications of Social Media in the WorkplaceInternational Ballroom SouthSymposium
Thu5:005:50Preparing for the Workplace – the Virtual WorkplaceBoulevard ABPanel
Fri9:009:50Training Poster Session

Personality and Synchronicity Interaction Predicts Training Performance in Online Discussion

Training Students to Increase Employment Opportunity Using Social Networking Web Sites

Learner-Controlled Practice Difficulty: The Roles of Cognitive and Motivational Processes

SE Exhibit HallPosters
Fri10:3011:20The Greater Good: How I-O Is Making a DifferenceBoulevard ABSymposium
Fri11:3012:20Job Performance/Deviance/CWB Poster Session

Predicting Dishonest Online Test Taking Behavior in Unproctored Internet-Based Testing

SE Exhibit HallPosters
Fri2:002:50Catch-all Poster Session

The Viability of Crowdsourcing for Survey Research

SE Exhibit HallPosters
Fri3:304:20Online Recruiting: Taking It to the Next LevelContinental ASymposium
Sat9:009:50Staffing Poster Session

Internet Job Seekers’ Information Expectations Predict Organizational Attraction

SE Exhibit HallPosters
Sat10:3011:20Justice/Ethics/Legal Poster Session

Engagement in Online Communities: All About Pride and Respect

SE Exhibit HallPosters
Sat12:301:20Serious Games and Virtual Worlds: The Next I-O FrontierLake MichiganSymposium/Forum
Sat2:002:50Theme Track: What Convinces Us, Doesn’t Necessarily Convince Execs: What They Didn’t Teach You in Grad School About InfluencingWilliford CTheme Track
Sat3:304:20Theme Track: Closing Keynote and Wrap Up: People Analytics: Is It All In Our HeadsWilliford CTheme Track
Sat4:305:20Closing PlenaryInternational BallroomOfficial
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