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One of the Top 25 Psychology Blogs of 2011

2011 February 7

Neo-Academic has received yet another honor – we are one of the Top 25 Psychology Blogs of 2011 according to

You always wonder when you get these things if it is just a means to boost the awarding organization’s Google PageRank (there are a fair number of you folks reading this, after all), so I took a look around their website.  They seem to be linked to, which has a mixed-to-poor reputation on Web of Trust (if you don’t use the WOT add-on, get it immediately).  From the look of it, their site provides useful, helpful information, but may be a bit overly aggressive in their marketing techniques (with some folks criticizing them for spam).

So, with the assumption that this list of blogs qualifies as good information, we thank you for the recognition – especially as one of only two I/O psychology blogs on the list!

If you aren’t following them already, there are several other blogs on the list that I strongly recommend following:

  • Jeromy Anglim’s Blog – Psychology and statistics from a University of Melbourne psychologist.
  • Milton Broome’s Virtual Psychology – A blog on psychology, virtual worlds, skepticism and more from the avatar of Dr. Simon Bignell, Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby.
  • Mind Hacks – Neuroscience and psychology tricks to find out what’s going on inside your brain.
  • PsyBlog – Helping you understand your mind.
  • The Media Psychology Blog – The psychology of media, social media and emerging technologies from Dr. Pamela Rutledge.
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