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AOM 2010 Monday Live-Blogging

2010 August 9
by Richard N. Landers
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The following is a live-blog/log of Twitter messages from the first day of academic material at the AOM 2010 conference.  My service commitments were pretty high this day, so I only managed to sit in on one session – it was pretty interesting though.

10:28:47 AM: Chairing measurement symposium… Interesting stuff

11:59:31 AM: In Sociomateriality and Virtual Worlds

12:00:58 PM: Missed first paper (thanks shuttle!) but looked like a basic demonstration of SL anyway

12:04:26 PM: Hmm… If your virtual self does not agree with your actual self, what happens? #secondlife #aom2010

12:10:15 PM: Do you integrate your avatar into your identity or do you keep them distinct? #secondlife

12:14:38 PM: Some people experience dual agency with their virtual selves #secondlife #aom2010

12:21:41 PM: SL user decided to virtually be involved with multiple partners to get over 1 difficult relationship. That’s not unique to virtual #aom2010

12:26:30 PM: Speaker talking about backchannel during lectures… Briefly considered waving iPad I’m on now at her #aom2010

12:30:49 PM: Still haven’t heard specific use of VWs that can’t be done with other, cheaper, easier software… Still hoping though

12:35:23 PM: Discussant bringing up tech comparison studies…

12:37:48 PM: Getting an air of dismissal from discussant… Maybe it’s just me

12:42:39 PM: Predominant reason for an org to use #secondlife is to reduce travel costs? Ugh #aom2010

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