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AOM 2010 Pre-Conference Chugging Along

2010 August 6

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First, the good. There’s wireless access in each conference hotel.

Second, the bad. It’s very limited in users, at least in the Sheraton. Gordon Schmidt and I gave a professional development workshop today on social media. We were unable to log in to the network, so we enlisted the help of a Sheraton staff member who told us that the wireless connection was limited to 50 connections. 50! For a conference as popular as AOM, that’s pretty obviously too few.

We did get the situation worked out though, and Internet access was available for us during the presentation. Although that was not the end of our technical problems.

In any case, things are otherwise going quite well! I attended the HR Jr Faculty Consortium dinner afterward and was convinced there that the full-day program tomorrow will be spectacular, so I am looking forward to that.

Given the wireless situation, I am hopeful that live-blogging Monday and Tuesday will go well, but you never really know. I plan to post a tentative schedule later this weekend – but so far, it looks like it will be a little light this year. I am participating in a panel discussion and caucus on social media, as well as chairing a session on measurement, so free time for attending presentations is a smidge hard to come by.

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