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SIOP 2010: Day 3 Live Blog

2010 April 10
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by Richard N. Landers
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7:01:21 AM: NeoAcademic: SIOP 2010: End of Day 2 ( #SIOP #SIOP10

7:55:15 AM: NeoAcademic: SIOP 2010: Day 3 Live Blog ( #SIOP #SIOP10

8:35:05 AM: At Statistical and Methodological Myths and Urban Legends 5 with some all-stars: Spector, Brannick, Landis, Cortina, Aguinis… #SIOP

8:37:34 AM: Controlling for variables in regression often introduces contamination, not corrects for it #SIOP

8:40:39 AM: Statistical corrections cannot be used to compensate for a lack of modeling #SIOP

8:45:18 AM: Ah, one of mantras when teaching: test model fit with and without controls (model controls on step 2) and compare models #SIOP

8:50:11 AM: Cortina taking a diplomatic approach to disagreeing with null hyp sig testing critics… Hmmm #SIOP

8:58:00 AM: Cortina seems to be claiming NHST is fine bc we compare to 0 in other tests like EFA (eigen > 1). But we know eigen > 1 is bad too. #SIOP

9:02:57 AM: Cortina: social science hypotheses are crude, so our statistical processes should be too… What?! #SIOP

9:13:23 AM: Statistical testing is like being an archaeologist of data… I like it! #SIOP

9:21:21 AM: Myths around meta-analysis – some excellent points so far, mostly around too much faith that meta solves all problems #SIOP

9:23:40 AM: Small failsafe N = publication bias, but large failsafe N could indicate anything #SIOP

9:28:22 AM: Randomized controlled trials are not infallible, and are not necessarily “better” than metas (but the reverse is true too) #SIOP

10:32:13 AM: At Archiving Data: Pitfalls and Possibilities

10:39:19 AM: Thanks, but Truth might be a little generous! RT @greghall12 I love your #SIOP “truths,” I wish I could’ve made it out there.

10:41:11 AM: I almost lol’d midsession! RT @BreannePH Men of SIOP- if your shirt is unbuttoned so far that I can see chest hair, you’re doin’ it wrong.

10:43:27 AM: Would open access to data help or hurt the advancement of IO? It’s already common in the hard sciences… #SIOP

11:04:39 AM: Human subject rights as a barrier to making data available for archiving by journals #SIOP

11:45:00 AM: Are we headed down an all-meta path, devoid of primary studies? #SIOP

12:17:19 PM: Archiving was either #1 or #2 most interesting thing I saw today. Now to posters! #SIOP

2:12:16 PM: At Verification of Unproctored Online Testing: Considerations and Research #SIOP

2:15:23 PM: UIT should be verified with followup in-person testing #SIOP

2:18:54 PM: Interesting approach – Using verification test only for verification – use online test results as actual test scores #SIOP

2:32:28 PM: Computerized adaptive testing in both proctored and unproctored settings #SIOP

2:44:09 PM: Speaker needed to develop a way with CAT to discourage the impression that verfication testing was used to detect cheating #SIOP

2:47:59 PM: Just means they need a wifi sponsor! RT @WorkPsy @SQNguyen @iopsychology They thought about wifi, but couldn’t afford it.

2:49:37 PM: Cognitive ability CAT UIT for selection saved company $100000 over 18 months #SIOP

2:51:22 PM: Because items are customized to the applicant, CAT is seen by speakers’ lawyers as a reduced litigation risk #SIOP

2:52:27 PM: Done with sessions! Short break until closing plenary. #SIOP

4:41:10 PM: At the closing plenary with Dave Ulrich #SIOP

4:49:55 PM: 25+ years of experience give us important reliable IO findings, students give us “Who’s going to hire me?” #SIOP

4:55:24 PM: Small group discussion with 900 attendees? Oh my. #SIOP

4:59:56 PM: Theory on the downturn in #SIOP? My impression was the opposite, but perhaps that highlights the practitioner-academic gap…

5:03:36 PM: Paralleling Republican vs. Democrat with internal struggles for IO? Not sure it’s quite THAT bad. #SIOP

5:25:59 PM: We should move from knowledge warehouses to knowledge networks – that, I’ll agree with #SIOP

5:36:25 PM: Ed Salas takes over and so #SIOP10 ends. Excellent #SIOP everyone! So many great people. Special thanks to all new followers!

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