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SIOP 2010: Day 2 Live Blog

2010 April 9
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by Richard N. Landers
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The following is a transcript of my Twitter activity on Day 2 of the SIOP 2010 conference, updated live on that day.

7:00:55 AM: NeoAcademic: SIOP 2010: Day 2 Live Blog ( #SIOP #SIOP10

7:26:34 AM: Heading for another day of #SIOP… first up: interactive posters on gaming

8:01:01 AM: NeoAcademic: SIOP 2010: End of Day 1 ( #SIOP #SIOP10

8:53:27 AM: VERY interesting session… Lots of unexpected findings about e-mentoring, game-based training and elearning #SIOP #SIOP10

9:14:35 AM: Brief stop at the posters to chat with @iopsychology, now new training evaluation techniques #SIOP #SIOP10

9:17:47 AM: Yet another study showing a weak link between learning and transfer intentions in training (sigh) #SIOP10

9:21:42 AM: Yw – First of several 🙂 RT @DrAlisonEyring @rnlanders thx for the #SIOP update.

9:35:56 AM: Training is a cyclical process, not an event – always changing, always improving. Measure, train, measure, train… #SIOP

9:39:25 AM: Training evaluation should take place at many levels. One talk invented a Level 5 for the Kirkpatrick model, but it was really L4… #SIOP

9:43:06 AM: “extreme strategizing” apparently = collecting and acting on survey results within a few days. Not sure why new buzzwords are needed. #SIOP

10:13:24 AM: Attending “Designing Quality Training Games: Moving From Research to Practice” – you should too! #SIOP #SIOP10

10:21:00 AM: I am counting on perfection!! RT @onidavin Alright, #SIOP — I may have been very ill last night

10:33:45 AM: Defined “serious games” as games with a purpose beyond entertainment – seems a little limiting, but good enough, I suppose #SIOP

10:47:55 AM: Motivation to learn and motivation to play instructional games are different concepts #SIOP

11:05:06 AM: Identification of the attributes of games that contribute to learning. Still confounded though (e.g. doctor vs. nanobot). #SIOP

11:20:24 AM: @onidavin Also, your terrible sickness wasn’t obvious at all 😀

11:26:41 AM: Using tech doesn’t make a training program (game or other) “good” – it still takes careful match of training goals to design #SIOP

11:33:26 AM: The one I’m in now – serious training games RT @BreannePH SIOP attendees- what is the best session you’ve seen so far?

11:38:32 AM: I have a feeling that training games won’t be universally popular until a training designer can build one on a webpage. #SIOP

11:46:12 AM: 6 years and millions of dollars to make one of the games described! #SIOP

12:02:58 PM: Watching the first half of Transfer of Training: New Findings and New Directions before heading to a meeting

12:20:17 PM: Transfer is better when training is voluntary – no surprise there, but why? Better motivation or better trainees? #SIOP

12:25:54 PM: I hate lab/field moderators – what do these really represent? #SIOP

12:36:05 PM: “interpersonal help-seeking behaviors” -I really like this construct #SIOP

1:30:55 PM: In Graduate Program Directors Meeting – tweets/liveblog will resume shortly

2:23:34 PM: Listening to #Google talk about using tag clouds and centering resonance analysis as qualitative research in I/O #SIOP

2:33:54 PM: I am beginning to see the value of qualitative research… in certain situations. Comment analysis is the focus of this paper #SIOP

2:41:04 PM: Remember you can follow this commentary either in the liveblog ( or on Twitter

2:43:27 PM: Data visualization is important in qualitative AND quantitative data. If you can’t show your data in a figure, you’re doing it wrong. #SIOP

3:11:13 PM: Lunch break!

4:31:37 PM: I am – Gordon is wifiless (I’m on 3G) RT @SQNguyen Will you guys be tweeting from event or is wi-fi still an issue? #SIOP @iopsychology

4:32:36 PM: Do You Tweet is starting up, after some United Breaks Guitars for intro music #SIOP

4:35:43 PM: Andrea conducted the first online employee survey in 1982! #SIOP

4:37:03 PM: A handful of us just got called out for midsession tweeting, ha! #SIOP

4:39:34 PM: Andrea: 2009 data on social media is already out of date – so true, so sad #SIOP

4:49:19 PM: Andrea educating the IO masses on RT, DM, tweetups and hashtags #SIOP

4:52:59 PM: EEOC concerns – what happens if an applicant discloses protected information via social media? #SIOP

4:58:11 PM: Biggest promise for social media in I/O is community-building #SIOP

5:03:07 PM: Companies already using social media internally for employees – Best Buy, Bell Canada #SIOP

5:05:18 PM: The key to social media in orgspace is identifying a need – not throwing social media at a problem and assuming it’ll work #SIOP

5:08:32 PM: Will try, but this is largely a newbIe audience RT @SQNguyen Can you ask the presenter & fellow attendees about using Twitter & Blogging?

5:11:28 PM: About a third of companies apparently have social media policies? Higher than I thought. #SIOP

5:15:17 PM: Too late: Employees react negatively when policies are set forbidding social media. How bad is it though, I wonder? #SIOP

6:53:30 PM: Excellent talk and conversation from @Andreasg411 – thanks! We’ll definitely keep in touch.

12:23:51 AM: Ran out of battery earlier… too much tweeting. Excellent APT, Kenexa and MSU parties. Must pass out now – early #SIOP start tomorrow.

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