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SIOP 2010: Planning My Schedule

2010 April 6
by Richard N. Landers
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I’m knee deep in planning my schedule for the 2010 conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, which starts this Thursday. Depending on the technology situation, I’ll be attempting to tweet from sessions and either live-blog or close to it, to both share with you what’s going on and also to organize my own thoughts on the days’ activities. For now, I decided to post the list of sessions that look promising. This is certainly not the final list of what I’ll be attending, but instead represents everywhere I wish I could be simultaneously.

The virtual teams theme track on Thursday looks interesting too, but I’m pretty booked already!

This list is courtesy of the SIOP scheduling tool. It’s not perfect (I’d like to get output listing presenters, for example), but it was much faster than my usual strategy of reading the conference program cover to cover manually scanning for keywords.

If you’re attending SIOP and would like to connect, I suggest coming to Andrea Goldberg’s Thursday 4:30PM session (“Do You Tweet? Social Media and the Implications for I-O Psychology”), after which what appears to be a fairly large group of Twitter and Linkedin users will be heading to a local pub to chat about social media.

And if you’d like to just stop by and chat, feel free to stop by my poster (bolded in the list below).

DayStartEndSession TitleRoomSession Type
Thu10:3012:30Adverse Impact: Implications for Organizational Staffing and High-Stakes SelectionSalon DPanel Discussion
Thu10:3011:30Web 2.0 and Technology Innovation: Friends and Foes203Roundtable Discussion/Conversation Hour
Thu10:3011:30The Language of Success: Words, Personality, Web-Based Course PerformanceGalleriaPoster
Thu10:3012:30Research Design and Statistical Issues in Tests of Mediation Models206-207Symposium/Forum
Thu11:3012:30The Impact of Socially Desirable Responding on Personality Assessment Validity213-214Poster
Thu11:3012:30Measurement Equivalence of Proctored and Unproctored Internet Testing on Race213-214Poster
Thu12:001:30Social Network Analysis in Organizations: Insights and ApplicationsCrystal Ballroom C/DPanel Discussion
Thu12:301:30Online Recruiting and Selection: New Challenges and Strategies203Roundtable Discussion/Conversation Hour
Thu1:302:30On the Meta-Analysis of Nonrandom, Quasi-Experimental DataGalleriaPoster
Thu2:003:00Networking Opportunity on Uses of Social Networking Web Sites in HR206-207Roundtable Discussion/Conversation Hour
Thu4:305:30Doubly-Damned: Effects of Stereotypicality and Race on Blacks’ Social NetworksGalleriaPoster
Thu6:007:00Self-Report Bias in the Observed Correlation: A Meta-AnalysisGrand Ballroom APoster
Fri8:009:00Game On: The Impact of Game Features in Computer-Based Training213-214Poster
Fri8:3010:00Advances in Training Evaluation TechniquesSalon ESymposium/Forum
Fri10:3012:00Designing Quality Training Games: Moving From Research to PracticeSalon ASymposium/Forum
Fri10:3011:30Revision of the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing208-209Special Events
Fri12:002:00Transfer of Training: New Findings and New Directions212Symposium/Forum
Fri1:302:30Individual and Situational Characteristics Predicting Work Personal Web UsageGalleriaPoster
Fri1:303:00Reading Between Lines: Analyzing and Visualizing Organizational Text/Qualitative DataCrystal Ballroom C/DSymposium/Forum
Fri4:305:30Do You Tweet? Social Media and the Implications for I-O PsychologyCrystal Ballroom C/DSpecial Events
Fri4:305:30Generational Differences in Training Related Variables and OutcomesGalleriaPoster
Fri4:305:30The Interaction Between Ability and Training Structure: A Meta-AnalysisGalleriaPoster
Sat8:3010:00Statistical and Methodological Myths and Urban Legends: Part VSalon DSymposium/Forum
Sat9:0010:00Personality Test Faking in Applicants Based on Web Site Fit Information213-214Poster
Sat9:0010:00Increasing the Validity of Personality Questionnaires213-214Poster
Sat10:3012:30Archiving Data: Pitfalls and Possibilities201Panel Discussion
Sat12:301:30Test-Taker Reactions to Item Formats Used in Online Selection AssessmentsGalleriaPoster
Sat2:003:00Verification of Unproctored Online Testing: Considerations and Research206-207Symposium/Forum
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  1. April 7, 2010

    Great idea. I look forward to following your commentary.

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