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A Momentary Pause for Social Networks

2010 March 10

One of the problems with having an active research program is that sometimes that program tries to smother you with work.  A project that I am working on (determining the best use of online social networks in college classrooms) is suddenly requiring about 16 hours per day of my time (I have 17 meetings next week alone!), so it will be quiet here for the next week or two as I rush headfirst into the heart of it.

But I promise it will be quite interesting when we return!  A meta-analysis recently appeared claiming “conclusive” evidence that violent video games cause violence.  That’s a pretty strong statement, but I’m only hearing it from secondary sources.  So in the tradition, I’ll be diving into that piece in a couple of weeks and blogging on what’s really there.  Stay tuned to see what’s up!

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  1. disha permalink
    March 16, 2010

    Disha from Linkedin. Like your blog in my quick skim through! Even though I am not very current in my programming skills, I like web based teaching and use it sometimes. Very interested in following your projects. On my RSS as of now!

  2. March 16, 2010

    Glad to have you aboard! Due to work overload, I am on a brief research hiatus at the moment, but we shall be back to regular programming shortly.

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