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Gaming To Improve Work

2010 January 21

An interesting article appeared in H Plus Magazine talking about the work of Dr. Byron Reeves, professor of communications at Stanford University.  He suggests that the time is now for gaming to make its way into work, to make it interesting, accessible, and fun.  He often uses analogies to World of Warcraft, where he says leadership is on display – individuals form and manage groups of hundreds of people to achieve team goals.  He even goes so far as to suggest details about your online exploits might help you get a job in certain companies.  I will definitely have to check out his book to investigate his views further.

The following video gives an introduction to some of the ideas that he talks about his book.  It’s a little buzzword-heavy in the beginning, but he ends up presenting some really interesting ideas about the integration of gaming into work, as might be evidenced by the presentation title, “Work sucks – games are great.”  Have a look – and if you’re interested, check out Vimeo for the rest of the series.


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