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Final Blog Restructuring

2009 June 3

So, after much struggling with WordPress, I have fully separated my professional and personal blogs.  The list of changes:

  1. The traditional location of the blog ( will remain the professional site, while personal posts will move to a new blog called Neo-Academics at Home (  Personal posts made before today will remain on both blogs, but new personal posts will only be made on the personal blog.
  2. The RSS feeds have been separated.  If you want to read professional posts, subscribe to  If you want to read personal posts, subscribe to  If you want to read both, subscribe to both.
  3. Posts from the personal site will appear in the right sidebar of the professional site, while posts from the professional site will appear in the right sidebar of the personal site.
  4. The top right link in the menu bar at the top of each blog will lead to the other blog.
  5. My wife will (probably) be posting on the personal blog only.

This should be the last major change for a while.  Thanks for sticking with us!  After just over two months, we’re nearing 1000 views – and hopefully, that’s only the beginning!

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